Vasile Soponariu, one of the most daring bronze model of contemporary, surprises us with his small 3D miniatures  interior collection. He captures our attention with unusual combinations of materials like metal, glass, stone and with the supple juxtaposition of the monumental visions played in miniature. Read More



He is a man of his time, the artist of this year. He works with in modern ways and needs to be understood in terms of this time. The sculptor Vasile Soponariu says us, with each of his exhibition, that the visible world, but also the invisible one, can be concentrated unmistakably in small three-dimensional shapes that can tell past and present stories. Read More



Daring sculptor with a great expressive force, Vasile Soponariu created an universe populated by characters who live their acute existential drama. Some with a dignity marked by the vertical constructions and the sobriety attitudes. Other, "tormented" twisted by the interior feelings in their attempt to settle into a "world" which does not accept them. Read More



By combining rigorous geometric shapes with twisted arms and legs, a process that continues with the juxtaposition of nearly hideous portrait, the sculptor obtain "works-metaphor" which shocked the look and get attention over a message full of virulence, whose meaning must be searched into the refusal to accept the handling, spiritual misery, the social and political myths of a world in clearly drifting. Read More



Vasile Soponariu belongs to the 80s generation of the Sculpture School in Bucharest, where he came from Piatra Neamt in 1980. Less descriptive is, in his creative statement with notable participations, the bronze workshop aura of the regretted Ion (Jean) Pārvan and the passion for the shapes past into the fire. Read More



Working in bronze, glass and ceramics, Vasile Soponariu created and developed a portfolio of small and medium-sized sculptures that combine zoomorphic and abstract forms. While the artist maintains a high intellectual level, works are carried out so as to be readily accessible than monumental pieces and more suitable for domestic spaces. Read More

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