Working in bronze, glass and ceramics, Vasile Soponariu created and developed a portfolio of small and medium-sized sculptures that combine zoomorphic and abstract forms. While the artist maintains a high intellectual level, works are carried out so as to be readily accessible than monumental pieces and more suitable for domestic spaces.


By his approach Vasile Soponariu hopes to attract a big audience in an environment that is usually accessible only to a few initiates. As a result of joining the newly formed group "Home Art" - whose exhibition "interference" on 2006 that took place in Brussels and has been a resounding success by exposing medium sized bronze sculptures in the windows of art galleries in the Bucharest downtown (Form Inform exhibition, Galatea Gallery, April 2007 in collaboration with the painter George Dican) - Vasile Soponariu carry forward the belief that visual art regarded as elitist phenomenon is or should be an outdated concept.




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