Vasile Soponariu, one of the most daring bronze model of contemporary, surprises us with his small 3D miniatures  interior collection. He captures our attention with unusual combinations of materials like metal, glass, stone and with the supple juxtaposition of the monumental visions played in miniature .


The artist makes alternate, under the  form of continuous experiments, with smooth and rough surfaces all with fragments of glass, fragile and translucent, introducing in a subtly way the light and the sculptural constructions. The works are indoor compositions, ornamental, whose exemplary simplicity is supported by the elegance of the theatrical gestures and by the power of expression  belonging to the space shapes architecture that the artist mastered with a jeweler's delicacy.


Vasile Soponariu possess in the manner of Cellini, the secret drawing, of molding and especially the spirit of synthesis and sculptural finish.




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